Do you have a valid travel document?

  • YES, I do have a valid travel document.

    To leave Croatia, you must have a valid travel document. Show your original travel document to the IOM counselor who will check its validity and make a copy of it.

  • NO, I do not have a valid travel document, what shall I do?

    If you do not have a valid travel document, IOM will help you to obtain a substitute travel document.

    We can inform you on how to obtain a travel document from the consulate or embassy of your country. If needed, IOM can also assist you during the application procedures and pay for new documents if you don’t have any. Please remember that you remain responsible for the application including proving your nationality and identity.

    Issuance of your substitute travel documents is fully in the hands of your country’s consulate or embassy. It will verify your identity and issue substitute travel document and inform you when complete.

    IOM has no influence on the embassy’s decision or length of the issuance procedure. Fast verification of your identity depends on true and accurate information you provide. If the embassy fails to verify your identity, it may not issue substitute travel document for you and thus IOM will not be able to carry out your return to your country of origin.

    IOM can cover any costs linked with issuing of a substitute travel document.

Preparation of your return

  • What does preparation of your departure include?

    Your task is to pack things you want to take with you – the price of flight ticket includes your luggage as well. However, it is necessary to respect the rules for passenger luggage transport (read below) applicable to all departures from the European Union regardless of destination. You can check the status of preparations for your departure until the day of departure, simply by calling our helpline on 01 6463 887, email us or visit our office at Račkoga 3, Zagreb.

  • Instructions for packing your luggage:

    Detailed information on the permitted number of pieces, dimensions and weight of the luggage will be sought directly from the airline with which you are going to fly. As a general guidance, you can usually take a maximum of 20 kg per passenger (for checked-in luggage) and one piece of on-board luggage not exceeding 6 kg and no bigger than 56 x 45 x 25 cm. If the luggage exceeds weight limits, additional fee applies, but IOM does not cover for them. Therefore, it is in your best interest to weight your luggage before going to the airport.

    We advise you to pack in your checked-in luggage the items you do not need on flight, including liquids, gels, color sprays, etc. All fluids, pastes, creams, various cosmetic or medicine sprays are allowed to be carried into aircraft cabin only if packed in containers up to 100 ml, not more, and put in transparent bags. The total amount of liquid shall not exceed 1 liter. Transparent bags must be resealable.

    Baby food and medicines which you must have with you all the time are allowed to be carried into the aircraft cabin. In order to speed up the procedure of security screening please prepare proof of your needs of the same (medicine documentation, doctor receipts, etc.).

What does the departure day look like?

  • Departure

    Your transportation to the airport can be, upon agreement, arranged by an IOM officer or you can arrange it yourself, whether by bus or taxi. At the airport, the IOM officer will reimburse the costs for your travel ticket from the place of your stay to the airport after you have submitted the ticket to the IOM officer as a proof of your travel costs. IOM will not cover for fuel expenses if you arrive at the airport by car.
    Important: Travel expenses can be reimbursed only after original travel tickets are presented.

    The IOM officer will guide you all the way through to the transit area and help you with all the procedures at luggage check-in and passport control. At the airport, the IOM officer will also give you your flight ticket, travel documents, financial allowance and an IOM bag in case you transit through other airports in a transit country. You will be travelling as a regular traveler; flight crew will not be informed of the character of your return.

  • What is the procedure with return through a transit country?

    Changing planes at big international airports can be time-demanding and stressful. To avoid potential problems, IOM or a partner from that country will be there to assist you. He will identify you by the IOM bag, so please hold it visibly.

  • In the country of origin

    If requested, the IOM officer will await you in your country of origin.