If you are returning with IOM you can benefit from an extra support for your reintegration. We call this support ‘reintegration assistance’.
The reintegration can be used to start a small business or to become a partner in an existing business, to pay for school or rent for the first months, enroll in vocational training, cover for medical needs etc. The assistance is provided after your return home, in cooperation with IOM colleagues in your country. They speak your language and they are familiar with the situation in your country. The amount can be used for an income-generating activity (such as a small business), education and, if necessary, on accommodation.

Before departure, you will prepare a reintegration plan with one of our counselors explaining how you can benefit of this support/assistance. We do this in order to help you prepare for your return. You will receive a reintegration agreement with the amount you are entitled to and the contact details of one of our colleagues in your country of origin. You will receive the assistance in-kind, not in cash. Please do not worry, if you have a better idea after your return you can always adapt your plans. Once you are back in your home country you need to contact your local IOM office to receive your assistance. A final reintegration plan will be determined, and our contact person will give you further instructions.

You can use the support IOM provides you in several ways. The list below gives you some examples on how to use it.

Business start-up or entering partnership with a company

  • Stores, such as: food, mixed goods, stationery, animal food, car spare parts;
  • Workshops, such as : car repairs, welding, sewing, car wash;
  • Farms, such as : cattle breeding, pigs, poultry, fish, growing of rice, fruit trees, installation of a mud pump;
  • Restaurants, such as : fast food kiosk, bar, restaurant;
  • Services, such as : car/moto-taxi, purchase of equipment for craftsmen: mason, tinsmith, electrician, etc.

Improvement of living conditions

  • Reconstruction of house/apartment – replacing of windows, roof repairs, insulation, central heating repairs, refurbishing works, construction of the bathroom, purchase of construction materials;
  • Household equipment – purchase of furniture, washing machine, refrigerator, clothes, boiler or computer;
  • Purchase of means of transportation, e.g. motorcycles, tiller, domestic animals (cow, horse etc.).


  • Taking of various training and courses, such as driving license A, B, C, D, accounting, computer skills, car repairs, welding etc.


  • Rental of houses/ apartments or temporary accommodation in lodging facilities.

Medical assistance

  • Costs for examination, medication or stay in the hospital

Other types of assistance, which you might need, such as legal counseling, job search assistance, job placement, additional luggage allowance.
If you want to apply for assistance, please call us on +385 1 6463 887 or send us an email at iomcroatiaavrr@iom.int to make an appointment