If you think about leaving Croatia to return to your home country, IOM may be able to help you.

Our voluntary return assistance is free of charge and offered to all migrants, regardless of their legal status in Croatia.

You can talk to us about voluntary return without any obligations. Everything we discuss will be kept confidential and nothing will be shared without your consent. We can inform you about the assistance we can provide you before, during and after your departure. You can discuss any doubts you may have related to your return with one of our counselors, all information will remain personal. To answer more specific questions, we can contact our colleagues in your country of origin. If you decide that voluntary return is the right choice, we can help you with all the preparations for your departure.

If you are a migrant and you are currently residing in Croatia, we can help you to return home if you meet the following conditions:

  • You want to leave Croatia voluntarily;
  • You, or the legal guarantee for your stay in Croatia, lack the financial means to pay for your departure;
  • The Government of Croatia does not have any objections to your departure;
  • You have, or you can obtain a valid travel document;
  • Your application for voluntary return is not based on false pretenses;
  • You provide the necessary information and follow instructions to organize your voluntary departure;
  • Your return can logistically and safely be organized by IOM.

How Can We Help You?

We provide the following assistance free of charge:

  • Information and counselling about voluntary return, without any obligation on your part;
  • Logistic support to help prepare your journey, including the flight ticket;
  • Advice and, if needed, assistance with obtaining a travel document, including the reimbursement of associated costs;

  • Assistance during your departure and, if needed, during transit and upon arrival;
  • A financial allowance to cover for immediate expenses after arrival, including in-land travel to your final destination;
  • Additional support for unaccompanied migrant children, victims of trafficking and migrants with medical needs.

How Do You Get In Touch With Us?

We have consultation hours at various locations in Croatia, for example at Reception center for international protection seekers in Zagreb.
At you request, we can agree together to meet you outside IOM offices, for example in an
emergency shelter or a medical institution.

For more information or to make an appointment with an IOM counsellor close
to you, you can call us on +385 1 6463 887 or send us an email at

Are You In Croatia Irregularly?

Call us on the anonymous IOM info-line +385 1 6463 887 .

We will give you basic information on how to return home and arrange a meeting
in an IOM office in Zagreb or visit you at a given address.